Tree Falls And Crushes The Gazebo at Hurley Park, NC United States

A week ago, a majestic oak tree fell on the park's iconic gazebo, triggering immediate reconstruction measures.


On June 21, 2023, a significant oak tree reportedly fell over one of the largest gazebos in Hurley Park, NC 28144, United States.

That gazebo was famous for having glorious memories of visitors. People had wedding ceremonies, family outings, picnics, shade, and a relaxed time at Hurley Park’s gazebo.

Incident DateJune 21, 2023
~ Time12:30 to 1 PM
LossA Large Gazebo
CauseLarge Oak Tree
ReasonThe tree was likely uprooted
Incident Details

On Wednesday afternoon, a staff member reported the incident. Fortunately, no one was on the spot when the tree fell over the gazebo. 

According to Salisbury Parks and Recreation Director Nick Aceves, the tree was likely uprooted due to ground saturation from the recent rain combined with small roots. 

The precise location of the tree fall lies along the route stemming from the waterside, directed towards the part of the green space close to the hospital.

That gazebo is reported as the largest gazebo in that area in Harley Park. Still, the tree crushed the entire gazebo. 

Hurley Park is already reported tree falls multiple times, but this time, it crushed a memorial gazebo of the park. 

Gazebo History:

Installation YearWinter of 1986
Structure DedicationHaden Holmes Hurley
Relation to Park’s NamesakeSon of Elizabeth Holmes Hurley
Park Named AfterElizabeth Holmes Hurley


Park management started reconstruction work. After a few weeks, the gazebo will be back. Surely, for many, it will not be the same gazebo with whom they had memories. But, still, the park workers are trying to restore its iconic gazebo.

Other things are happening in Hurley Park:

  • Repairs to stonework
  • Rebuilding the Fern Glade wall
  • Improving entrance stairs
  • Adding more trash cans


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