Rising from the Ashes: The Rebuilding of Hanscom Park’s Beloved Gazebo

Reconstruction Begins on New Hanscom Park gazebo


Mark Shein’s home is about 100 years old. There are flowers everywhere and grass in front of the home, which adds to the beauty of the home.

For further beauty, there was a white gazebo in the home’s backyard in Hansom Park.

A year ago in September, someone set fire to the gazebo. This incident happened at night. Due to such a criminal act, the gazebo was destroyed. People of the area were very unhappy at this painful happening. It was a big part of the park’s identity.

“It’s not the right thing to do. It was a symbol of the neighborhood. I’m glad they are replacing it.”, says

Mark Shein

Fortunately, now, progress has started in reconstructing the gazebo.

Tom Johns, a member of Hanscom Park Neighborhood Association, says he thought people were digging there to bury the residuals, but they were digging here to rebuild. Amelia Rosser says replacing the gazebo will add to the park’s immunities.

People are hoping that soon Hanscom Park would be the same as it was before the fire incident of the gazebo.

Source: https://www.wbrc.com/video/2023/07/14/reconstruction-begins-new-hanscom-park-gazebo/

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