Great Barrington’s Summer Concert Series Starting a New Season at the Grover’s Corner Gazebo

Great Barrington’s summer concert series at the Grover’s Corner Gazebo starts a new season


Great Barrington is a town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States. Every summer, a musical concert is held at the Grover’s Corner Gazebo in Grover’s Park, right behind Town Hall where numerous musicians and singers play their songs.

The performance series is going to start on Wednesday and Friday nights from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m.

Elizabeth Berliner, one of the musicians, before her June 30 concert in Grover’s Corner Gazebo stated: “Whenever I play at this Gazebo, I feel like the Queen of Great Barrington because this is a very special honor to be invited here every year. I’m pretty sure that the other musicians that are going to play as part of this series will feel the same.”

The series of concerts had to start in early June, but due to stormy weather, it was postponed and eventually started on June 23. The starting performance was of Lady Di & The Dukes. It was Friday.

The Gazebo provides the best environment, and specifically at night, it shines at its peak. In this way, the Gazebo adds to the beauty of the concert. When it’s night, colorful lights on the Gazebo make the concert even more enchanting and attractive

The concerts kept on with the performance of Elizabeth Berliner and David Bond Engelhard.

Before their performance on June 30, Elizabeth proposed that we have lots of people, who come out of town to find something interesting and to spend their time in something fine but don’t have enough money to pay.

In the case of Grover’s Corner Gazebo’s event, they find great concerts.


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