Join the Restoration Effort: Cave Creek Museum Seeks Partners to Replace Gazebo Roof

Museum Seeks Help With Gazebo Repairs

Museum seeks help with gazebo repairs

The gazebo of The Cave Creek Museum needed repairs. For this purpose, the staff is seeking public and private support to restore the gazebo.

Framework and other objects are already restored, but the roof is still left. The roof is covered with a wood shake. Thus, it needs to get restored.

According to Museum executive director Evelyn Johnson, she has received estimates of $8,000 to $10,000 for the repairs of the gazebo. She said they only got estimates and we’re not willing to pay for the repairs.

Evelyn Johnson said that they require something that seems like wood but is not dangerous to fire. They can’t also use tiles, as the weight of tiles is higher compared to the weight-bearing capacity for the roof of the gazebo.

They want to complete the repair process before the end of August, as the museum is closed for the summer.

Evelyn Johnson said that it is not going to be a huge assignment. She said it is not necessary. She does not like a roof herself.

For the research purpose, she wants to have a local roofer. Partners would be listed on the museum’s official website, and interested contractors can contact Mrs. Johnson.

The town usually receives a donation every year. Mrs. Johnson wants to use this year’s donation to repair the gazebo.


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