How To Level Gazebo On Sloped Concrete?


A gazebo is a great addition to any backyard, and it takes the overall home comfort and looks to the next level. But, at the same time, a tilted gazebo can be a challenge for the stability, safety, and comfort of the people around.

Further, because of the sloped concrete, it will not look as attractive as it should be.

So, to make your life easy in leveling your gazebo on sloped concrete, we are writing this guide.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps for how to level a gazebo on a sloped concrete surface, using simple tools and techniques that most homeowners can do.

By following these steps, you can assures that your gazebo is stable and level, and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Tools You Need in Leveling the Gazebo:

To level a gazebo on a sloped concrete surface, you will need a few basic tools. These include:

  1. Level to accurately measure and determine the slope of the concrete surface, as well as for checking the level of the gazebo once it has been adjusted.
  2. Measuring tape to measure the height of the gazebo legs at different points.
  3. Shims or spacers to raise the height of the gazebo legs at the low points.
  4. Screwdriver or power drill to secure the shims or spacers in place using concrete screws.
  5. A sledgehammer or jackhammer to bust the extra concrete. You can also use a trowel or other hard tool to do so.
Tools You Need in Leveling the Gazebo

By gathering these tools beforehand, you will be well-equipped to tackle the task of leveling your gazebo on a sloped concrete surface.

Things that you should keep in mind when leveling the gazebo:

Please make sure you take your safety in mind. When you dealing with tools or other heavy objects, always follow proper safety protocols.

Secondly: while taking measurements, be precise. Accuracy is the key even if you are doing a job like this for the first time. So, be sure to carefully measure and mark the slope of the concrete surface, and use a level to ensure that the gazebo is properly leveled.

Spare the right time for this job: Leveling a gazebo on a sloped concrete will need your serious time and attention, so be prepared to take your time and be patient.

How To Level Gazebo On Sloped Concrete

How to level gazebo on sloped concrete?

To level a gazebo on a sloped concrete, there are two methods.

Method 01:

Level up the bent side of the gazebo and then fill up the ground to level the deck. 

Here are the steps to take:

Before moving ahead, make sure you have gathered the tools. Also, prepare your gazebo by removing any decorations or other accessories.

01: Measure and mark the slope: Use a level to determine the slope of the concrete surface, and mark the high and low points with a pencil.

02: Adjust the gazebo legs: Add shims or spacers to the low points to bring them up to the same height as the high points, and secure them in place using concrete screws.

If your gazebo has fixed legs that are not coming up, you need to unscrew them first. 

03: Check and fine-tune the level: Use the level to ensure that the gazebo is properly leveled, and make any necessary adjustments by adding or removing shims.

Once you have leveled up the bent side, check the levels of the gazebo legs and the roof. If everything is on point, start working on the ground.

04: Finishing Up: Replace any leg levelers or accessories, and add any decorations or accessories back onto the gazebo.

Don’t want to drill? Learn: How to Anchor Gazebo to Concrete Without Drilling.

Method 02:

a man unscrewing a gazebo to level it back on the concrete

Unscrew the entire gazebo, work on the concrete surface and then, build it again. 

Here’s how:

01: Gather the necessary tools and materials: This includes a level, measuring tape, a screwdriver or drill, and a jackhammer.

02: Prepare the gazebo: Remove any decorations or accessories, and unscrew the gazebo.

You can start unscrewing it from top to the bottom.

While unscrewing your gazebo, make sure you keep in mind how you are doing so, because you need to screw it back later.

03: Measure things up: Measure the extra slope and the bottom side.

04: Bust up the concrete slope: Use your solid tools to bust the extra slope. If you don’t want to, then fill up the bottom sides of the slope with concrete or self-leveling compound.

After leveling up your concrete ground, let it dry. After 24 hours, check its level and do minor touch-ups if required.

Make sure, you built a strong ground that can hold the gazebo up.

05: It’s time to build your gazebo again: now, you can screw your gazebo again. It will take some time, but, this way you can also fix minor paint or other issues of your gazebo.

It doesn’t matter which method you pick, but, make sure you measure things before starting and checking the level within the process. Before fixing your gazebo, check the levels again.

If you are not comfortable doing all this, it is best to hire an expert. 

How to level a concrete slope before building a gazebo on it

How to level a concrete slope before building a gazebo on it?

First, you need to measure the differences minutely. You can do so by using inchi tape by referencing anything side by. 

If there are slide bumps or slopes, then a self-leveling compound will be the best choice for you. It will sit down all around itself and give you a nice and plain concrete floor. 

But, if you have a big slope — bigger than 6 inches, then, you need to do some extra work.

Method 01: Break the extra slope and then use the compound to level the edges and minor bumps. 

To do so, a jackhammer is ideal, but, you can also utilize a sledgehammer, trowel, or anything like these. 

Method 02: Fill the concrete on the other sides. You can make a new concrete mixture for this.

To do so, first, you need to create small walls around the area you are deciding to fill up. It will keep the new concrete on its spot. After this, just fill it and let it dry. 

Useful Tips:

If you are building your gazebo first time, make sure:

  • You built a large and solid base that can hold the weight of the structure. 
  • There is a proper drainage system.
  • There aren’t any cracks or holes in your concrete because it will reduce its life span.

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Ask Gazebo


Can I level a gazebo on a sloped concrete surface by myself, or do I need help?

In most cases, it is possible to level a gazebo on a sloped concrete surface by yourself.
However, if the gazebo is particularly large or heavy, or if you are not comfortable working with tools, it may be helpful to have an extra set of hands to assist with the process.

How often should I check the level of my gazebo on a sloped concrete surface?

It’s a good idea to periodically check the level of your gazebo, especially if you live in an area with frequent changes in weather or temperature, as these can cause the concrete surface to shift.

A good rule of thumb is to check the level at least once a year and make any necessary adjustments as needed.

What should I do if I can’t get my gazebo level, no matter how many shims I use?

If you are having trouble getting your gazebo level, despite using shims, there could be a few reasons why. It’s possible that the slope of the concrete surface is too severe, or that the gazebo is not evenly balanced on its legs.

In these cases, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a professional engineer to assess the situation and suggest a solution.

Can you put a gazebo on a slope?

A gazebo on uneven ground will not look much attractive, which is why doing some work in leveling the ground before putting the gazebo is a better option.

However, if you couldn’t work on the ground, then you can shorten the legs of the gazebo of the sloped sides. It will help you keep your gazebo on the level. It might need some extra and precise work to do so.


Leveling a gazebo on a sloped concrete surface is an important task that can help to ensure the stability and safety of the structure. But, when you start doing so, make sure the ground is super flat, and the base and top of the gazebo are leveled.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily level your gazebo using simple tools and techniques that can be done by most homeowners. 

Remember to prioritize safety and take your time, and you will be able to successfully level your gazebo and enjoy it for years to come.

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