How To Enclose a Metal Gazebo? Don’t Let Weather Ruin Your Outdoor Fun!


A metal gazebo can be converted from an open-air living area into a secure haven by enclosing it. Enclosing a metal gazebo can provide several advantages, whether you want to design a comfortable area for lounging or a secure space for partying.

To create a cozy and useful enclosed environment, place panels around the gazebo to create walls and add a door for the entrance and windows.

It is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. We will walk you through the process of enclosing a metal gazebo, from preparing and measuring the area to putting in the panels.

Let’s do it.

What are the benefits of enclosing a metal gazebo?

The following are some of the main justifications why anyone wants to think about enclosing a metal gazebo:

  • Bad weather protection: You can use your outside gazebo even when the weather isn’t perfect by enclosing it to protect it from the sun, wind, rain, and other factors. No matter the weather outside, you can enjoy your outdoor living space because the walls and roof of the enclosure offer shade and protection.
  • Enhanced privacy: You can create a quiet shelter to unwind and spend time with friends and family by enclosing your metal gazebo. 
  • Greater Adaptability: You can utilize your outdoor living space for various activities thanks to the enclosure’s walls and roof, which gives the room a feeling of enclosure.
  • Higher Aesthetic Value: A metal gazebo’s aesthetic appeal can be greatly increased by being enclosed, creating a more appealing and inviting outdoor area. To design the ideal look for your gazebo, you can pick from a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Enclosing a metal gazebo gives a perfect opportunity to meet your decor goals. 
  • Increased Home Value: Closing in a metal gazebo increases the value of your home, making it a smart investment. It expands your living space and improves your home’s overall aesthetic appeal, both of which can be big selling points if you ever decide to put your house up for sale.

How do I get a metal gazebo ready for enclosing?

Before you start putting up your metal gazebo’s walls, you must ensure the area is ready. The following are some essential procedures for getting your gazebo ready for enclosure:

Evaluation of the Gazebo:

For a perfect enclosure, you have to measure your gazebo precisely. Even if you are doing a DIY project like this for the first time, you have to be precise in this step.

While measuring your gazebo, do not forget to handle the unusual shapes, such as curving corners and angled roof lines.

You can draw a rough drawing of your metal gazebo on paper for a better understanding. 

Choosing the Material for the Enclosure:

When choosing the best material for your gazebo, think about the price, how strong it is, how clear it is, and how easy it is to install. 

Also, consider the material’s general aesthetic appeal and how it will look alike in your backyard. 

Assemble equipment and supplies:

Before enclosing, ensure you have all the tools and materials you need.

Depending on the materials you’ll be working with, this includes a drill, screwdrivers, screws, measuring tape, a saw, and other tools. Having a helper on hand to aid in the installation process is also a good idea.

tools required to enclose a metal gazebo. an image showing the right tools

Selecting the right material

Mostly, people use screens to enclose their gazebos. It is the most widely accepted option around the globe.

But, before narrowing dowing your choice, consider your gazebo type. 

For example, if you have a metal pop-up gazebo, then a screen or a sturdy clothing option will be great. Meanwhile, if you have a permanent metal gazebo, then you can also consider the plexiglass. 

The enclosing techniques are the same for almost every method. So, for the sake of this guide, we are considering the panels to showcase how to enclose a metal gazebo.

How To Enclose a Metal Gazebo

How do I install an enclosure panel?

Here are the right steps to install an enclosure panel on metal gazebos:

Identifying the Panel Positions:

Mark the locations of the panels on the gazebo frame with a pencil and measuring tape. It is where you want the panels to come over the gazebo.

Consider any unusual shapes when making sure the markers are level and precise. Be precise with your measurements. 

Remeber to leave a spot to install doors later.

Putting the Panel Supports in Place:

Installing support for the panels is necessary before attaching the actual panels. These supports give the panels a sturdy foundation and aid in ensuring their stability. 

Screw the supports directly to the gazebo frame for a sturdy fit. You can use small wood pieces as support.

Putting in the Panels:

Before fixing the panels, place them in their position and test whether they look nice and are in their positions as planned. 

Once you are satisfied, fasten the supports using screws, brackets, or other fasteners, depending on the material you’re using. Make sure the panels are level and straight and take precautions to prevent gazebo frame or panel damage during installation.

Final Touches:

After the panels are in place, you can consider a few finishing touches to finish the installation. Adding trim around the panels, putting in doors and windows, or using sealants or weatherstripping are all ways to make the enclosure more weatherproof.

All this will assist you in constructing a functional and eye-catching enclosure around your metal gazebo so that you can enjoy a safe and private outdoor sitting area. 

How do I add doors and windows?

When you are fixing your panels, remember to add doors. Doors will make it easy to get into the gazebo and give it air and natural light. 

Here are the steps to do it properly:

Choosing the Sites:

Consider where the doors and windows best fit concerning the gazebo’s general design. For maximum ventilation, arrange windows on the opposing sides of the gazebo, or near seating areas to let in natural light.

Setting up the windows and doors:

It’s time to install the doors and windows you’ve chosen after deciding where to put them and after planning their placement.

If you have purchased a special door, follow the instructions that come with it. Generally, installing door or windows is the same as installing enclosure panels. 

First, you need to mark the position, install the supports, place the door to test its working, and if it is as per requirements, then fasten the door with screws. 

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Finalizing Everything:

Adding doors and windows lets you turn your metal gazebo into a warm, useful, and weather-protected outdoor living space.

Enclosing a metal gazebo is a perfect way to choose the right decor options to design your outdoor living space. All this will make it beautiful, functional, and simple to use—making it a terrific place to unwind, entertain, or just take in the wonders of nature.

Here are some important finishing touches to take into account:

  • Trim: Trim can hide any gaps or rough edges between the panels and the metal gazebo frame. It can also add a decorative touch.
  • Weatherstripping: Adding weatherstripping is a quick and easy way to protect your gazebo from the weather. Add weatherstripping around the doors and windows or along the edges of the panels. It aids in preventing air, moisture, and insects from entering the metal gazebo.
  • Lighting: Increase your your gazebo’s usability and attractiveness by adding lighting. To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, consider putting in outside lighting fixtures like wall sconces, lanterns, or pendant lights.
  • Decoration Components: Add ornamental elements to your gazebo, such as hanging plants, outdoor rugs, or decorative accents, to make the area more individual and comfortable.
  • Furnishings: Add furniture such as outdoor chairs, tables, and sofas. 


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Do I need to hire a professional to enclose a metal gazebo, or can I do it myself?

You can close up a metal gazebo on your own if you have the right tools and some basic DIY skills. But if you aren’t sure if you can finish the process on your own, you should hire a professional.

What materials should I use to enclose my metal gazebo?

A metal gazebo can be closed off with glass panels, clear plastic panels, screen panels, plexiglass, strong clothes, or a combination of these materials.


Yes, by enclosing your metal gazebo, you can use it all year round. You only need some basic DIY skills and the right material to do this. 

Consider cost, durability, and ease of installation when choosing materials to enclose your metal gazebo. Finishing details like trim, weatherstripping, lighting, ornamental items, and furniture can improve the gazebo’s overall appearance and performance.

You can build a lovely and welcoming outdoor living area that you and your family will enjoy for many years with the correct materials and a little bit of work.

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